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Here they are ! Our new micro-lots will bring you to Darjeeling and Nepal, to the discovery of famous and unknown gardens... Don't miss out on this unexpected sensory trip and find them out now !

2017 collection

Aroma Master PackGo deeper in the olfactory training !

To go further in your sensory training and the discovery of green, oolong and black teas , Carine Baudry has designed 12 new aromas, more typical of each tea color.

Victims of their own success, the different packs quickly run out of stock ! Do not hesitate to contact us so that you keep updated with our news and arrival of stock !

A sensory approach


La QuintEssence du thé practice boxes enable you to learn about tea and tasting using your 5 senses

Learn more

Tea universe - the blog


Each month, our focus on a tea to improve yourself through the senses , tasting tips , but also readings ideas ...

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